The Copper Cup Gateway Generator!

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Copper Manifestation Vessels

Made from pure copper, a rose quartz crystal & cowrie shells in order to manifest your heart’s desires!!!

  • The 100% copper cup is a natural purifier to anything it touches & the best conductor of (Masculine Inner G) otherwise known as electricity.
  • The Rose quartz crystal is a high vibration stone that resonates from the heart which is the first level of higher consciousness otherwise known as feminine Inner G or Magnetic resonance!
  • When masculine & feminine Inner G come together in harmony and balance they create an electromagnetic “Gateway” that brings the spiritual or unseen realm into the physical dimension!
  • Water has memory. Our thoughts are vibrations.  When we infuse our thoughts into the water we consume we give the electromagnetic Gateway direction to manifest our heart’s desires!
  • Comes with an affirmation to implement when used.  Everything is a ritual with our intentions poured into from our hearts!  That's where the Magic happens!!!