Kundalini Krunch Incense Resins

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Natural incense resins from around the world combined in one spiritual cleansing and uplifting blend!  Kundalini Krunch has Frankincense & Myrrh from Afrika, Copal from South America, White Sage from North America and Palo Santo from Brazil!  All used by the natives of their land to purify and give thanks to the one Creator!  These earthy blends have earthy, floral, sweet and medicinal notes.  Each 4 oz. tin of Kundalini Krunch Incense Resins comes with a free pack of charcoal!!!  Simply ignite the charcoal with a flame.  Set it in a heat resistant bowl or container.  Sprinkle a pinch size amount of Kundalini Krunch on the heated charcoal so the incense will smolder.  Please have the appropriate ventilation inside as smoke can be abundant.

Comes with a free pack of Three Kings Charcoal!!!

Comes with an affirmation to implement when used.  Everything is a ritual with our intentions poured into from our hearts!  That's where the Magic happens!!!