Milky Way Magic Bath Soak! (8 oz. Tin)

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Made with whole Milk, Whole Oats, Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus & Peppermint and infused with a Rose Quartz crystal that generates the love frequency in our product!  Just pour the whole tin in your bath water and your bathroom turns into a sacred sanctuary!  Pamper and treat yourself after a hard day’s work to this luxurious elixir of moisturizing Milk, Sea salt, Himalayan Salt & oats, rejuvenating Peppermint, healing Eucalyptus & relaxing Lavender as they all work in unison to melt away the stress and hardships of your day!  The combination of these essentials and the way they are delivered through the organic ingredients allow the spirit to release Inner G’s that we hold onto that turn into toxins.  The best way to protect the heart is to leave it open and exposed.  Our Bath Soak allows you to Re-Lease so you can have a new LEASE on life!   You DESERVE this "Magical Massage in a tub!"  Rose Quartz crystal included!!!

Comes with an affirmation to implement when used.  Everything is a ritual with our intentions poured into from our hearts!  That's where the Magic manifests!!!