OL-Factor Body Oil: CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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Olfactory is our sense of smell.  Smell is our strongest sense that activates our memory.  Unlock and remember the greatness held in your DNA with our "OL-Factor" Body Oil!  Our Astrological Body Oils are infused with all their specific and unique elements to enhance and bring out the best in your personal astrological sign!! 

All OL-Factor kits include:                                                                                                    5 x 5 velvet pouch                                                                                                         Crystal: Fluorite, Tiger's Eye & Clear Quartz.                                                                           Elemental: Palo Santo                                                                                                         Essentials: Sandalwood, Rosemary, Lemon & Eucalyptus.                                                       Apply to back of knees.                                                                                                        Meditation procedure for embracing your higher self under this sign. 

Capricorns resonate with the Onyx stone, the color green, Earth (Paulo Santo), the essential oil of Myrrh, the planet Saturn and the number ten. This body oil holds all these keys in its ingredients.  For Capricorns, this body oil should be applied at the knee region of the body. These Elements bring out your true nature which is the Hero in you!  You are innately brave, courageous and put others ahead of yourself. You are willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than yourself such as; Jesus, Heru and Shango to name a few!!!   Unlock your true essence and discover the person your Creator intended you to be!!  Be the "OL-Factor" in your life! 

Body Oil comes in 1/3 oz. roll on bottle.  Bottle is Cobalt blue for UV protection of the essential oils.  The 1 oz. Refill bottle or the OL-Factor Capricorn Kit!