OL Factor Astrological Body Oil: LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Aug. 22)

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Olfactory is our sense of smell.  Smell is our strongest sense that activates our memory.  Unlock and remember the greatness held in your DNA with our "OL-Factor" Astrological Body Oils!  Our Astrological Body Oils are infused with all their specific and unique elements, crystals & resins to enhance and bring out the best in your personal astrological sign!!  Re-Member why your spirit incarnated into your physical body at that precise time when the stars were aligned.  Rediscover your life's purpose with our "OL-Factor" Astrological Body Oils!

All OL-Factor kits include:                                                                                                  5 x 5 velvet pouch                                                                                                         Crystal: Rose Quartz & Opal                                                                                                  Elemental: Frank & Myrrh                                                                                                      Scent: Rose, Geranium, Sage.                                                                                      Apply to lower back.                                                                                               Meditation procedure for embracing your higher self under this sign. 

Libra is fascinated by the balance and symmetry. Libra-born prefer justice and equality, and they cannot tolerate injustice. They avoid indulging in all types of conflicts and prefer to keep the peace, where this is possible. They like to do everything in pairs and not alone.