Divine Deity Diffuser: Aztec Warrior Aromatic Incense Burner!

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I have made this  decorated tequila bottle from artisans in Teotihuacan made out of resin and various obsidian and quartz stones into an incense burner!   Everything you see is handcrafted. It shows an Aztec Shaman and a warrior on the back. I drill the holes through the glass, paint the bottles with metallic acrylics and adorn them with 100% authentic and ancient spiritual symbols from throughout the world, crystals, cowrie shells and spiral copper wiring. The Aromatic Incense Diffusers burn stick incense upside down inside the bottle. The incense is attached to a Hematite bead and suspended upside down within the bottle. That way there is no ashes, no open flame and no mess! Great for you altar, meditation room or as a conversation piece in your living room, this one of a kind piece of functional art is the perfect addition to your sacred space! All burners come with a free pack of all organic resin sticks.

The bottle measures 19" tall  by 8 inches at it's widest.